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Other Artists of Note

Csontas online
Visit the fantasy art of Michael Csontas, who has compiled an impressive collection of links to all thing surreal.

Annabel Greenhalgh
A British artist working in the medium of pastel, whose moody and emotionally charged landscapes include coastal scenes from Wales, Scotland, and England.

Per Helge Moen
With a wide range of intriguing, sensitive works including Magic Realism, this Norwegian artist's site also includes some good information on, and links to, other Magical Realists.

Alex Bazarin
The deceptively simple, whimsical art of Alex Bazarin enchants with its rich atmosphere of poignant melancholy and surreal undertones. His figures reside in a timeless space; his style is unique.

Suzana Stojanovic
Love horses? Suzana obviously does! See these (warmer than usual) photorealistic works in oil and pastel at her Magical World of Horses site. This Serbian artist's exceptional realism brings breathing, galloping, and... well, horsing around life. Includes other resources for equine enthusiasts.

ted knerr's art and photos centered in spirit

Keith Garrow
This British artist's lively, colorful figurative and geometric abstractions are whimsical and at times even quite "musical."

Charles E. Newland
An award-winning realist and member of the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic, since 1977.

About Vermeer
Everything you ever wanted to know about JohannesVermeer, with lots of background on his life and his art, plus plenty of links to explore. After all, he is one of the world's greatest artists.

Other Significant Artists

Surreal Art Collective (Surreal artist - Australia)

Andre Maitre (digital artist - Switzerland)

Juanmiguel Giralt (artist - International)

Lorenzo Antognetti (artist - Italy)

Leon Engelen (artist and artist link portal - International)

Tim Seaward (abstract and surreal artist)

Nathan Mayne (VNM Digital Arts - photographer and web developer - UK)

Peter Scott (real and surreal artist - Australia)

Scott David Jenkins (artist - USA)

Heinz Sterzenbach (artist - Germany)

Starr Abbott (Victorian realist art - India)

Gregory Christeas (Abstract art - Greece)

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