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Art Space 2000
(The first link will take you to the site, the second image will take you to the award winners chosen for 2004-2005.)
A good source of better quality artwork from all over the world, in addition to lots of helpful art resources, including art auctions that are free to members. They've given Artinsight their World Web Award for site design, navigation and content, for two years in a row.

Golden Web Award
Learn why Artinsight won this prestigious award for design, content, navigation, imagery and creativity—from the International Association of Webmasters and Designers.

Kara Art Awards

A very informative arts site, complete with lots of links and resources for artists. We know they have good taste, because they've
awarded Artinsight their Silver Kara Art Award for excellence in content and site design.

Visions of Adonai
An art site with a spiritual orientation and lots of beautiful imagery. Take a few moments to explore the links listed in the awards section while you're at it.

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