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Sergei Aparin
The breathtaking, enigmatic paintings of Russian-born surrealist Sergei Aparin reveal a tremendous artist with the technical skill of Salvador Dali—but one who has too much imagination and creativity to simply rehash Dali's motifs, as most mediocre "surrealists" do. Aparin is a true visionary—and his is a "must see" website.

Siegfried Zademack
A painter of extraordinary vision. You owe it to yourself to see the amazing art realizations here.

Victor Safonkin
A very talented painter with great ideas, using classical motifs with a surreal edge. Think Delacroix meets Salvador Dali. Or something like that.

Nadia Pronina
Powerful, fresh and lively metaphysical morphos of the human spirit recall the sensibilities of Max Ernst. A gifted artist with a strong emotional content to her work.

Peter Gric
One of the coolest and most sophisticated visionary art sites on the Web. With imagery of a disturbing, surrealistic nature, his work (and this site!) are both so well done, it definitely deserves a visit.

Marilyn Kirsch

I don't often recommend abstract artists - but not because I don't like abstract art! It's just that there are so many abstract artists who don't measure up, in my opinion. Marilyn Kirsch's work is definitely an exception. Her work is profound, strong yet subtle, moody, quixotic, and very painterly. See for yourself!

Odd Nerdrum
A dark Norwegian soul, painting with irony, symbolism, and surrealist angst. Yes, his work is quite odd, but that only adds to the impact of these paintings that are impeccably rendered and existing in some timeless, ethereal dreamscape.

Michael Whelen
Beyond his superb illustrations in the field of sci-fi, I'd like to suggest exploring his recent fine art here, which I think is even more extraordinary.

Nick Hyde
In my opinion, one of the best Bay Area visionary painters, whose work I've known since my time in San Francisco in the 1970s. Nick is a real visionary, cutting through ages, styles, and imagery like a laser beam.

Grzegorz Król (Gregory King)
A self-taught Polish artist who has achieved a remarkable three-dimensional effect in his poignant scenes of haunting, elemental landscapes with a powerful ecological message.

Oleg Korolev
From the shores of the Black Sea comes this Ukrainian artist's mystical visions which are "...devoted to a contemplation of beauty inside of invisible divine things."

April Gornik
A talented, prolific painter who is able to capture big ideas and natural essence on canvases that sing.

David-Michael Cook
A site created by my 19-year-old son, featuring his writings, web design, photography, videos, and music. I think it contains some fabulous material, but then I'm biased. . . .

Andrey Hrenov
Discover fantastic drawings created with the humble ball-point pen by this contemporary artist from St. Petersburg, Russia. Here you will find a stylistic range reminiscent of everything from M.C. Escher etchings to Outsider art—all done with superb technique and draftsmanship.

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